What is Tantra?

Tantric means yes to pleasure and relaxation. Experience tantra and you experience the well being of your true self.

Tantric Full Body Orgasm

Full Body Orgasm

A full body orgasm is not the same as the lingham/Yoni orgasm or, indeed, the multiple dry orgasm that men can have.

A full body orgasm usually starts with tingling sensations in the hands and feet. The hands start to feel light as the sex energy moves up the central nervous system the spine and then out through the rest of the body. The tingling sensation continues to move up the legs and arms accompanied with a pulling sensation rising up through the stomach and the base of the spine. It then continues up to the neck, chest and face area rising to the head. When the orgasm reaches up to the head, many experience what is called a mind orgasm. It is a bliss state of no thought called nirvana. The mind literally feels a bliss like sensation, a feeling of feeling high. Feelings of elation

The body orgasm is caused by moving the sex energy up the central nervous system, (the spine) and out to the rest of the body through yogic breath work and pressure points on the body.

The full body orgasm lasts for up to ten minutes coming in waves of about two minutes at a time. With each wave the full body orgasm gets stronger until it reaches the mind where a bliss state occurs.

A full body orgasm is usually initiated by a trained tantrika. When a man receives a full body orgasm, the sex energy is also a healing energy. It circulates around the body as the full body sensation orgasm, helping to heal every organ in the body. Thus rejuvenating him, lowering his blood pressure, dissipating the stress hormones and boosting the immune system.

For a man, if he is having a full body orgasm for the first time and having had negative issues from the past, he will experience the release of negativity. The negative energy from the past gets stuck in our body and it can be stuck there for many years. Ultimately this negative energy can lead to disease. During the body orgasm, the negative energy is pushed out by the sex energy. The negative energy works its way out through the body by causing the body to at first shiver. Then the negative energy is dissipated through emotional out bursts of crying with relief and laughter. This only happens with a first body orgasm. After the release of the negative energy the man feels elated and unable to get up and walk. He feels a new sense of being high that he has never experienced before. And in the days following, he is better able to cope with life, as he feels more himself and intensely alive.

A full body orgasm leads to well being, bodily healing and sexual healing, deep relaxation and a better understanding of ones own sexuality. When a person is comfortable with their own sexuality, they no longer feel, they become more confident and better able to cope with life.

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