What is Tantra?

Tantric means yes to pleasure and relaxation. Experience tantra and you experience the well being of your true self.

About Tantra

Tantra is 9000 years old and originates from the Himalayan mountains of India. The creator of Tantra was Lord Shiva.

Tantra is about the interplay of Divine female energy empowering the male energy. The female energy is known as Shakti in Sanskrit and the male energy is known as Shiva.

In Tantra the woman is represented as water and the man is represented as fire. In the tantric tradition the woman is the leader and the man surrenders. The woman leads in love, Harmony and peace and sexual excitement. She fuels the man with her sexuality, sensuality, gentleness and nurturing spirit. The woman is the giver and transmits her Goddess energy to her man and energizes him by the ancient art of tantra. She also energises him by having sensual and sexual influence over him by making him surrender to her sacred feminine energy.

For men, Tantra is about surrendering to the Divine feminine, - the Goddess energy within the woman as the life giver. When the man truly surrenders he experiences orgasmic emotions as well as heightened pleasure with mind and body orgasms. During Tantric massage the sex energy is moved up through the central nervous system - the spine - and then out to the rest of the body giving energy to the man. In tantra the feminine energy is the life-power source for men. The sacred Feminine knows that a man ultimately gains heightened pleasure through her total acceptance of his maleness – male potent energy. The Goddess takes the burning passion of the man and re-energizes him. She takes his fire and fuels herself from his male potent energy and her connection to the Goddess, and gives back to him.

For a woman it is about rediscovering her Goddess power within which leaves her feeling empowered, satisfied and fulfilled in her role as a woman connected to the Divine.

When a woman rediscovers her Goddess power within, she realises it is more orgasmic and self fulfilling to be the expression of her soul in giving to the man in love, in the role of seductress, rather than trying to get from her man. A women is empowered when she regains her sexual and sensual identity as the leader in the dance of Tantra.

A woman is like the gentle wind and the man is like the flute. And when she plays the flute right, a beautiful sound is created. Played wrong and the man loses his power - sound.

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The History of Tantra

Thousands of years ago it was the women who took the lead in the sensual, sexual role and they were revered and recognised as the energy of the Divine Goddess. The Divine Goddess represented the nurturing energy of life, love, sensuality and sacred sexuality. Because of this Women trained in using the Divine feminine were called Tantrikas. A trained Tantrika was able to use the Divine feminine energy to empower and energise men by the power of touch through tantra. She would connect with the Divine feminine, the awakened part of her higher self and through pressure points, yogic breath work, love and tantric touch, she was able physically and emotionally energising men.

It was recognised that man could only be energised by receiving from a woman, trained in tantra who was filled with the Divine feminine for him to experience tantric bliss, mind and body orgasm.
The Tantrika women worked in the temples and the men worshiped the Goddess energy within the woman, as the life giver. The men would honour the Tantrikas by giving them gifts.

Unfortunately religion took the Goddess role away from the woman by demonizing them and the sex energy. Replacing love with guilt and fear - leaving men forever seeking the Divine feminine. And the women feeling disempowered in their natural role.

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