What is White Tantra?

Tantric means yes to pleasure and relaxation. Experience tantra and you experience the well being of your true self.

About White Tantra Yoga

White Tantra Yoga is about five thousand years old, originating from Lord Shiva from the Himalayas of India. For thousands of years the secrets of White Tantra have been passed down from one initiate to another with the anointing of the Masters. This ancient path was the path to emotional and physical healing, wholeness. Wellbeing, enlightenment – to realise union with - The One Power – Supreme Intelligence, some call God, Goddess, The Source, The Light, The Architect of The Universe, The Energy, Chi, Shakti, Kundalini, and the list goes on by the many names of The ONE.

So what does White Tantra mean and how can it benefits me and do I have to be spiritual?

White Tantra yoga means :

  • White purity of thought – positive, healing, creative thoughts devoid of negativity
  • Tantra – Higher consciousness weaved into all aspects of life
  • Yoga – Union with the Divine – Christ Consciousness – The Higher Way Of Thinking

This ancient path is the Alchemy of mind, body, soul and spirit. White tantra Yoga is about healing, wellness and wholeness. It is the path of the sacred matrix. It is about being set free from the negative matrix that holds and binds us all to negative thoughts patterns about ourselves, causing us to have limited beliefs that block us and cause us emotional pain, physical pain and diseases.

Your own healing power is within you. Like the Universe, your body is full of energy and when that energy is blocked by negative thoughts, the negative thoughts become stuck energy in your body, which results in physical and emotional pain.

Through working with White tantra Yoga, the negative energy is released allowing a shift of healing consciousness to take place in you. When the shift takes place, you become more integrated with yourself and become whole again. Illness takes place because we resist a part of ourselves that is stuck with the negative energy. No one likes to feel the negative emotions. So in order to feel better we resist the negative emotions. And it is in resisting these feelings that creates the energy to be stuck in our bodies causing a blockage to take place in our meridian system.

The stuck negative energy in our body communicates to our subconscious mind to holds onto the patterns of the negative energy as negative thoughts. And then the negative thoughts in turn keep the negative energy firmly in the body. So a negative circuit is created which needs to be addressed for our well being and healing to take place.

So White tantra helps to name the toxic thoughts and emotions , feel them fully and then release them. This is done through Yoga breath work, tapping on the Meridian points, otherwise known as acupressure points, raising up the kundilini energy, replacing toxic thoughts with healing empowering thoughts and reprograming your mind by accessing the subconscious mind.

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